Palm to serve up "ultra thin" WiMAX smartphone this year?

Plant this firmly in the "unsubstantiated rumor" category and take it with a boulder-sized grain of salt, but there's one thing here we can say with certainty: whether it sells or not, Palm is in desperate need of fresh product. Like, not a new Treo with a little more memory or a slightly better camera -- we mean seriously fresh product. We're sure there are some reasonably smart folk kicking around at Palm that realize the very same thing, and it's only because of that assumption that we're forced to give this rumor some amount of credit. Anyhoo, here's the deal: Sprint will start flipping the switch (wouldn't it be cool if there actually was a giant switch they flipped?) on its WiMAX network later this year, or in a worst case scenario they'll at least be trialling it. Well, ya need product for that new network, right? Palm allegedly is going to swoop in late this year (think October time frame) with an "ultra thin" (tipster's words, not ours) smartphone that'll rock WiMAX out of the box. No word on what platform it'll sport or really any other detail of consequence, but "Palm" and "thin" aren't typically two words you hear in the same sentence, so by the time you throw in some blazing fast data, this could be quite a treat indeed.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]