Dell customers root for Linux option

If the customer's always right, then let's hope that Dell's ready to deliver. Since February 16 when it launched Ideastorm, a customer-based crowdsourcing site, over 100,000 comments have addressed the possibility of offering leading Linux versions preinstalled in addition to, or in place of Windows. Dell spokesman David Lord confirms that the Linux buzz is being "taken into consideration" and tells us we should "certainly stay tuned." Despite the vague update, Dell no longer has the luxury of turning a blind eye to high customer demand since it's getting exactly what it asked for in the first place. Believe it or not, Dell is no stranger to Linux, according to Lord who explains that it sells custom-designed, high-end Linux desktops for use in oil and gas exploration. There's no doubt that systems pre-loaded with Linux instead of Windows would cost less, but it's hard to say how much since it isn't clear what Dell tacks on for Windows. In addition, some customers are pushing to swap MS Office with OpenOffice, which is another way to reduce system prices. So it looks like Dell's got a real (Idea)storm a-brewin' and an interesting opportunity to make some big changes -- but stalling seems to be the plan du jour for now.

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