Intel planning low-cost chip for iPhone competition

With Apple scaring the heebie-jeebies out of most major wireless handset manufacturers (to a point) with the upcoming iPhone, some apparently think they can get a competing handset out to duke it out with Apple's new icon soon. With that notion, chip giant Intel wants iPhone competitors to feast at its house o'chips, as the chipmaker is readying a "low-power chip" that it is targeting at manufacturers that want to put out an iPhone competitor. Although Intel CEO Paul Otellini assumes that a power / performance angle on a new Intel chip would position an iPhone competitor's hardware cost to benefit ratio correctly, we suspect that it will take more than that to get under Apple's thick iPhone skin -- some sort of revolutionary UI for starters (and that cool, automatic orientation sensor can't hurt either). Any scrappy operations out there (put your hand down, Meizu) care to take a stab at it?