LG's R400 hybrid hard drive laptop outed

Samsung's not the only mega Korean manufacturer with a little bit of hybrid hard drive action to show off this week. Apparently LG is getting into the game as well, as it's stuffed one of those flash-cached, speed-booting, battery-saving and performance-enhancing drives into the new R400, which should be launching at the end of this month. Along with the snappy 120GB drive, the R400 (not to be confused with Toshiba's flagship 12-incher) includes a 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 graphics card, 14.1-inch LCD, 1.73GHz T5300 Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of RAM and Bluetooth. The Inquirer mentions a built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam, but we're not spotting the camera in the pic above. The best news is that all of this appears to be going for the perfectly reasonable price of $1,199 Canadian -- about 37 cents in real people money! There's obviously some shadiness here, and we're looking forward to LG's official announcement to confirm the specs and maybe jack up the price a grand or so, but for now we sure are liking to looks of this here R400.

[Via The Inquirer]