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Poll results: Wii, PS3, 360 playing habits

Last week we asked how much time 'Stiq Nation spends playing Wii, PS3, and 360. After more than 55,000 votes, the results are in. We'll point out some obvious trends and let you peeps cover additional angles in the comments below.

First up, the Wii. More than 70% of voters own the console and it appears you either like the Wii as a primary gaming system, or you don't. Also, those who voted "as much as other systems" did more so on Wii than either the PS3 or 360. Surely that doesn't mean fewer unbridled fanboys, especially for a Nintendo console...

Next up, the PS3. How should we put this... Not very many early adopters. Despite what Sony would have you believe, it seems the value proposition of $500-600 still isn't there for most of you, especially considering the limited number of compelling games. So yeah. Almost 80% of you don't own a PS3, and those that do play it less than other systems as a whole (again, back to the games thingy).

Finally, the 360. My, what favorable results you have! But not so fast. To be fair, 360 has been out a full year longer than both Wii and PS3 and has a lot more games available. Thus, the chances of people playing it more than other systems are significantly higher. Either that or Microsoft troopers are the biggest fanboys of them all. Discuss. And thanks for everyone that voted.