Spiderman 3 info... 'Nuff said!

There hasn't really been much info on any version of Spiderman 3 other than the next-gen ones. That's all changed now because IGN has an interview with Vicarious Visions (the developer of the PSP version). Here is what the PSP version will offer:

  • Free roaming city gameplay

  • Will have Morbius and Shriek story arcs (not available on the PS3/360)

  • It is built from the ground up to control well on the PSP

  • You can switch between black and red suit Spiderman at whim (not available on the PS3/360)

  • Playing in the black suit causes crime to rise and public perception to be negative

  • On the plus side, the black suit gives you extra speed and power

  • The game will have unlockables not found in the next-gen versions

Given all these facts it looks like the PSP version of Spiderman 3 will be a worthy version. In fact, some multi-system owners may have an issue choosing which version to get. What system will you be swinging with Spiderman on?