Microsoft's Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 gets reviewed

It looks like ExtremeTech is still wading through the bevy of Microsoft peripherals released of late, and while the firm's Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 isn't going for the gaming-centric set as was the Habu, it is aimed squarely at folks who spend more time mousing around than actually getting outside. Obviously, we took interest in such a device, and while it didn't pan out to be the perfect ergonomic answer, it was regarded fairly highly overall. Sporting a 1,000 DPI laser eye, seamless scroll wheel, Instant Viewer / Magnifier tools, and a "nearly baseball-like" shape, the 6000 provides quite a "round" approach to compete with mouse of today's gently sloping / flat alternatives. Aside from feeling like a major league pitcher when going for the left-click, reviewers tending to find the unique shape "oddly appealing," but did question the actual ergonomics of the design. Additionally, they found the notchless scroll wheel to be an issue of love / hate, were a tad let down by the AA battery requirement, and were slightly baffled by the excessive button layout, but through all the scorn, the crew still managed to score the mouse a 7 out of 10. Helping the score was the accurate mousing abilities, comfortable design, and its decent ability to handle the not-so-hardcore gamers needs all the while. Still, it was stated that $80 for a non-gaming mouse is a tad on the high end for the average buyer, and while it sounds like you wouldn't be too disappointed, we highly doubt making this your next mouse would incite any fits of celebration.