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Developer confirms rumble coming to PS3

Everything last-gen is new-gen when it comes to the PS3 and its suspiciously absent rumble feature -- at least that's the impression we got from God of War Game Director Cory Barlog, who apparently told 1UP that God of War 3 for PS3 will be 1080p and, more importantly, have vibration (aka rumble, aka force feedback, aka what Sony's been making piss-poor excuses for not having in the PS3 for quite some time). Obviously this is absolutely not a shock considering that Sony and Immersion finally settled and made nice; and we're more than happy to finally have the feature, we're just experiencing a dash of lingering resentment about the facts that a) Sony hadn't been so disingenuous about why the feature wasn't included in the first place (including claims of technical infeasibility) and b) everybody's going to have to buy expensive new controllers for that "last-gen" feature.

[Via Joystiq]