The RED ONE 60p cam gets a price list

With a release set for "early 2007," Red Digital Cinema just took the important step of outing the price list for the range of RED gear which could hit as early as May 31st. Intent on keeping both wedding videographers and indie film makers happy, it all starts with the $17,500 RED ONE base system (center). From there you can add your choice of the $1,250 Basic or $2,750 Premium production packs (top right and left, respectively). But don't stop now, go ahead and throw down for a $1,650 RED ONE Power Pack featuring 2x RED BRICK 140Wh batteries and charger, a $1,950 RED Electronic Viewfinder, and the $1,700 5.6-inch LCD. Optics accessories include a $3,500 B4 lens adapter and both Canon and Nikkor 35mm photo mounts costing $500 each. There are also several RED branded media accessories for CF, SATA disk, and something called the "RED RAM 64GB" for $4,500 -- extortionate if that's just a RED-branded SSD in an external housing. But hey, no one said that a 4k resolution and 60p frame rate would come cheap.

[Thanks, Blayne G.]