Zune viral marketer arrested at SXSW

Now that South By Southwest Interactive is coming to a close, the SXSW music festival is getting underway -- a perfect time and place for Microsoft to get the word out about its floundering Zune. Except when a viral marketer charged with putting up those distinctive magenta Zune logo posters around town is instead became charged with, oh, what, vandalism of public property? Microsoft's primary PR firm on Zune, Edelman, had no comment on this matter at the time of press, but we hear the viral marketer in question will get either three days in jail, or three appearances in front of a judge (whichever comes first).

Update: Microsoft gave us a ring with the following: "We can confirm that an employee of a marketing agency engaged by Zune was cited for hanging promotional posters at SXSW. We've launched an internal investigation and will cooperate with local authorities and festival organizers in all regards. Zune is committed to lawfully and respectfully promoting its products and services." Ok, so who's the moran / evil genius behind this thing?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]