Microsoft's Games for Windows Live launches May 8th

Ryan Block
R. Block|03.14.07

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Microsoft's Games for Windows Live launches May 8th

Xbox and PC nerds who've always wondered -- really wondered -- whether controller does or doesn't pwn keyboard and mouse, and come May 8th you'll get your chance to find out. That's right, we're talking about Games for Windows Live, which pits PC gamers and Xbox gamers in epic battles of Shadowrun, and, um, Uno. We'll leave the nitty gritty to our pals at Joystiq, but the jist is you can count on your current Silver and Gold account to work in Vista, as the whole thing is based around the concept of a unified, single gamertag. Unfortunately there's no way to only play against like-platform gamers (i.e. choose only to do battle with other keyboards + mice or controllers), so get your whining voices ready for when your head continuously explodes thanks to the dude with the sniper rifle and the 1800dpi / 1MHz / 1ms laser mouse.


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