PS3 hits Europe: "And by 'backwards compatible,' we mean Eragon"

Look, Eragon is great and all, with his pretty boy hair and that whole dragon thing he's got going on, but we wouldn't exactly describe him as ideal representation of a complete Euro-PS3 backwards compatibility list. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the folks at Cynamite found, who nabbed a pre-release Emotion Engine-free PS3 for testing a couple weeks before launch, and confirmed some of the worst fears about the PAL PS3's backwards compatibility. Granted, Sony could (and hopefully does) have a major software revision up its sleeve to boost emulation capabilities of the PS3 at launch, but they tested the top 12 PS2 titles in Europe (including such faves as God of War, MGS 3: Snake Eater and Guitar Hero 2) only to find that the sole game on the list that would even launch was Eragon. (The other titles popped up a screen telling users to hope on future software updates and to refer to Sony's compatibility list.) Time is running out, but we're gonna keep the faith. Sony definitely knows better than to promise 1200-some-odd backward compatible titles and deliver on what could mathematically be estimated as only about 100.

[Via The Inquirer]