Digital Cube working on "world's smallest" UMPC

While we think we've found the undisputed champion of world's most bizarre UMPC, the company most noted for its broad array of DAPs and PMPs is purportedly "working on the world's smallest ultra mobile PC." Sadly, there's not a lot of details aside from that shown on the ginormous Digital Cube sign hoisted up at CeBIT, which explains the unsurprising inclusions of GPS navigation, wireless internet, mobile TV, and a media player. The splash screen proudly proclaims its ability to handle Windows XP, and while we can't be certain just yet, we certainly wouldn't put it past this outfit to just rebadge an existing unit and call it their own -- of course, it's not like that design scheme looks remotely familiar or anything. Nevertheless, this presently generic (and mysterious) handheld computer will hopefully be out for the masses here soon, so we'll be sure to snag some hands-on action with the bugger if the opportunity arises.

[Via SlashGear]