Hands-on with Samsung's Q1 Ultra, Ultra Mobile PC

After bringing you the exclusive details on Samsung's Q1 Ultra UMPC, we got the chance today to get down and dirty with Samsung's second generation UMPC here at the big CeBIT show. Now, let us tell you something right up front: it's here, UMPC v2 is finally here. The Q1 Ultra brings a smaller form factor, lighter weight, integrated thumb-board, HSDPA data, 60GB disk, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Vista Home Premium running on a 7-inch ,1,024 x 600 WSVGA screen. Hell, it will even pack WiBro data when introduced into the S.Korean market in a few months. As to the processor? Surprise, we received confirmation that the 800MHz Intel processor is an unannounced dual-core (not Core Duo) ultra-low voltage processor that Intel will be announcing in the next few months -- so that's 800MHz on each core. The Origami Experience made finger-tip control of media on the Q1 Ultra a slippery-smooth experience while the keyboard provided plenty of tactile squishiness -- a luxury our sausage thumbed brethren will have to pass on since the keys are very (very) close together. Click on through the gallery below for plenty of steamy hot pics of ultra portable goodness. Damn, did we really just say that about a UMPC?