Second Life developers say: PS-HOME is very flattering

And for the record, no they didn't ask Sony if they wanted to hook up at a bar that night "IRL" (that's In Real Life for the innocent out there). We've covered the otherconsoles angles about the announcement of PS-HOME, but until now we neglected to see what Second Life thought of it, since HOME bear a strong resemblance to that... uh... "service".

Jeff Luan of Linden Lab (developers of SL) said that "mimicry is the greatest form of flattery for us." For them, yes. Thought the cliché went a little differently, but it's probably just a synonym or something. Luan isn't concerned about HOME taking away any of Second Life's users, since SL is on PC and is targeting an entirely different "market". Absolutely true, but it may create a similar market on consoles that was previously not in existence. Are any of you concerned that the PS-HOME may become something much... hmm... darker, than intended?