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ASUS' T83 UMPC does the QWERTY swivel

Asus has a new UMPC quietly on-show here at CeBIT -- the T83. Although propped up pert and pretty in the "Industrial" section of the ASUS booth, let us assure you that this is no ruggedized UMPC. Another version based on this design is coming later in the year which should be capable of handling the abuse brought on by the busy hands of children or warehouse crew. Underneath that 7-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen display we found XP Tablet running on a 1GHz Via C7-M processor, 512MB of RAM (expandable to 2GB), at least a 30GB disk, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and a digital camera packed into a fanless, 950-gram UMPC. It also features a fully tactile QWERTY and up to 6 hours off battery. Not bad, but the Q1 Ultra (dual core, Vista Home Premium, 1024 x 600 resolution, etc, etc) has a bit spoiled on specs at this point -- where was the T83 last year ASUS? Still, if you're a fan of portable XP or Linux and a sub-grand price tag, well, listen up: the T83 is expected to go global in Q3 for anywhere between $899 and $999.