The 22mph Russian boots that could, but never did

The Gray Lady's got a rather interesting piece on the peculiar (and telling) tale of a Russian inventor and his declassified gas-powered engine-boots that get 70mpg and can swiftly take a runner upwards of 20 miles per hour without the regular strain, stress, or tiredness that comes with long-distance running. Unfortunately for Viktor Gordeyev, the boots' creator, instead of being allowed to sell his boots on the open market, the Russian government classified them for military use until 1994. When they were declassified in 1994, Gordeyev tried his damnedest to get them into consumers' hands (or rather, on their feet), but despite his better efforts he just couldn't find buy-in and his business -- like so many other Russian technology companies -- went under. Yes, it's truly apparent that in Russia, boots run you. What a country, eh?