ACME's tri-fold rugged field PC: Beep-beep zip bang!

Check it Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote will soon have a new Rube Goldberg machine certain to bring a tasty end to your tortuous reign. Just look at this ruggedized, semi-portable PC with three-up display from ACME. It's only an early prototype but it would seem that those bolt-on LCDs will likely gain some folding action before this in-the-field PC ever hits production. No, it's not waterproof or dustproof -- it does, however, feature a reinforced aluminum frame. Our attempts to communicate with the ACME team here at CeBIT were met with a lot of blank stares, but it would seem that you can build the unit out with just about anything you'd like to toss into the chassis. Great, we'll take ours with jet powered roller skates.