Best Buy to stop carrying Sony's 20GB PlayStation 3?

You may have noticed that nearly four months after both the Wii and PlayStation 3 hit the market, Nintendo's console is generally still more difficult to locate than Sony's counterpart -- especially the widely unwanted 20GB flavor. While rumors galore have been floating around, it looks like one of the largest PS3 retailers are pulling the plug on the (so to speak) cheapo version, leaving Best Buy consumers with exactly two options, either cough up the $600 required to cop the 60GB edition, or look elsewhere for their gaming satisfaction. According to Joystiq, they have checked with numerous Best Buy locales and have confirmed the "Discontinued" status that was recently printed out from a BB computer system, which means that the flow of 20GB units into Best Buy stores should all but stop here in the very near future. No word on whether the creators of the 20GB PS3 sauce will be drying up their production as well, however.