Cellphone-blocking Clarins Expertise 3P skin care wafts into the market

We're always wanting that skin to glow around the virtual office here, but never would we suspect that "Artificial Electromagnetic Waves" could be hurting us. While the merits of studies that show radiation from wireless handsetsharm or don't harm humans are far from final, it's pleasing to know that anti-cellphone skin care is close at hand. In addition to those cheaply made "anti-radiation" stickers that go for about 10 cents these days, the new Expertise 3P skin care product from Clarins will -- get this -- protect you from "Artificial Electromagnetic Waves." We're not sure how one determines if certain RF emissions are "artificial" or not, but nonetheless this new skin care product features a "Magnetic Defence Complex" that protects skin from the effects of "Artificial Electromagnetic Waves" and also has an "Anti-Pollution Complex" that contains White Tea and Succory Dock-Cress. Just spritz this spray right on yourself and watch those invisible cellphone rays bounce off your skin like stones across a pond.