How to tell if you're obsessed with video games

Just because mainstream press won't entertain the alternative ("Maybe games don't 'cause all the world's problems..."), doesn't mean we can't. No, we're not suggesting that games kill, but you're foolish if you don't recognize the addictive power of gaming goodness.

Enter a 1UP feature examining the give-aways that you might be, um, playing games a little too much. The piece also offers advice on how to tame the beast if you have a problem. So, you might be obsessed with video games if...

  • You forgo paying the electric bill in favor of buying a new game or wait four days in line for a shiny new box (questionable priorities)

  • You read a newly purchased game manual while driving home from the store (lapses in judgment)

  • You throw a controller at the TV. In the olden days, you would have also hit reset right before your buddy was about to beat you in Tecmo Bowl. (anger issues)

Click over for the full list of signs. Gamers anonymous starts now... in the comments.