Mechanical Hit Counter rings 'em up the old fashioned way

If you're curious about just how many hits your blossoming website is receiving on a moment to moment basis, but don't feel like fiddling with those questionably accurate electronic types, the Mechanical Hit Counter could be just the project you've been yearning for. As the name implies, the kit combines a vintage counter, lots of cabling, a few relays and transistors, an Ethernet interface board, a Basic Express BX-24, power supply, and an eagle-eyed webcam for spreading the excitement all over. This geeky (albeit beautiful) display of "overengineering" accomplishes a useful task by going around the proverbial elbow to reach the thumb, but even more shifty than the creation itself is its connection to the internet. The networked webcam snaps a photo of the counter every five or so seconds, giving bored surfers quite a bit of novel entertainment to pass the time. You know the drill, tap the read link for a detailed description and a killer time waster.

[Via MAKE]