XM and Sirius face lawsuit from patent-holding Keystone Autonics

Already the second bit of bad news for XM / Sirius this week: Austin biz Keystone Autonics is suing both companies for infringement of a patent issued Keystone's George Hindman earlier this year. (Sorry, we couldn't find it on the USPTO site or Google Patent Search -- one of you eagle-eyed readers wanna spot us one?) According to The Street, the patent is a modification of an earlier patent (also granted Hindman), which applies to satellite radios (as well as CD players and analog radios) that input and display wireless data from satellite sources. Apparently the suit claims GPS, location-based services, and crash and theft detection all owe the patent some due, so it's likely Hindman & Co. will start swarming all sorts of businesses if they can wrestle a settlement free from XM and Sirius.

[Via Orbitcast]

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