Google phone rumors shot down -- for the moment

We were afraid the fun couldn't last long, and indeed a Google bossman has come forward in an attempt to quell rumors of a Google phone. Richard Kimber, Google's South-East Asia managing director of sales and operations, says that Google is obviously investing in the software side of things, but that it has no interest in entertering the crowded handset market. "At this point in time, we are very focused on the software, not the phone." This echoes Vint Cerf's statments from earlier this month, who said "becoming an equipment manufacturer is pretty far from our business model." Of course, while both of these guys are confirming that mobile software, services and ads are in the works, neither one has come straight out and denied an actual device, or taken steps to contradict Isabel Aguilera's statements about a low-end phone in the works -- but it's pretty clear that these guys are at least implying we won't be seeing such a device for a while yet.