Matrix Trilogy to hit HD DVD May 22nd; Blu-ray later this year

Depending on your perspective, we have good news and we have bad news. The good news for HD DVD is that The Matrix Trilogy will be released on HD DVD May 22nd and that Blu-ray doesn't have a date yet. The bad news for Blu-ray is there is yet another title delayed, for what we would bet our latest payment advice is because of a BJD authoring problem. The Ultimate Matrix Collection ($119) and The Complete Matrix Trilogy ($99) will be on 8 discs and include 35 hours of bonus features and iHD HDi Advanced Navigation HD DVD's In-Movie Experience (IME). This might just be one of the last Warner titles not released as a TotalHD disc and we can see why, they are going to need every layer they can get for all that bonus footage.

[Via AVSForum]