Sidekick ID, myFaves support to shore up Danger on T-Mobile

We've noticed that Hiptop users tend to be some of the most rabid, intensely loyal fans of their devices around; the reasons vary a bit from user to user, but the gist seems to be that Danger knows how to make products that simply work with minimal fuss. So yeah, to that end, good news: Danger and T-Mobile hear you guys, and the love is going to get a little stronger this year. First up, myFaves support is going to get pushed to Sidekick 3 owners over-the-air -- as all Sidekick updates tend to come -- adding a critical feature out of T-Mobile's playbook to its most popular exclusive device. Oh, and the Danger options in T-Mobile's lineup are going to get a little more extensive, too (read: two devices instead of one). We knew there was a low-end Hiptop of some sort gettin' baked by California's funkiest mobile platform folks, but the smart money always said it'd be called something a little more interesting than "PV150," Sharp's model number for the new piece. We now have that name, at least in T-Mobile nomenclature: "Sidekick ID." Besides being myFaves compatible, the new model will lack EDGE and a cam to keep pricing low -- like "$99.99 after $50 rebate" low. Not bad, Danger; not bad at all. Just add a high-end Sidekick with support for T-Mobile's odd brand of 3G and you'll have a little something for everyone.

[Thanks, The Fish]