Swollen batteries affecting 17-inch MacBook Pros too?

The engorged battery photos you see above and in the gallery below were sent to us by a reader named Brian. He claims that he was watching a movie on his 17-inch MacBook Pro (core duo) when it suddenly shut off. This happened twice before, only this time with a notable difference: his battery was fit to burst. As we have all learned, swelling is typically the final stage before explosion. We've held off on publishing these bloated 17-inch MBP battery stories for a few months now due to sketchy claims, but this is about the fourth seemingly valid case we've come across which could be a sign of a worrisome trend. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that Apple had to recall batteries. So what's up, anyone else out there experiencing battery bloat on their 17-inch MBP?
[Thanks, Brian M.]