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Why some gamers act like punks during online play

According to one report, griefer complaints make up 25% of all game-related customer service calls. Said punks sabotage teammates, talk like dirty sailors, hail Hitler, and are in your screen, ruining your game. So what encourages such anti-social behavior? GamePro's aptly named Vicious Sid talks with a psychiatrist to get some answers.

The gist of griefer existence boils down to rogue leaders looking for attention. They are either a "defiant leader" not knowing where to align their objectives, or a black sheep (also called a "scapegoat leader") looking to disrupt a game's cadence or simply annoy. So what should you do next time you encounter one? Be nice or at least patient. That'll usually diffuse their desire contrary to reacting negatively. Read on for the full analysis.