Apple TV early review roundup

It's still a bit early yet for all the reviews to hit the internets, but peeps fortunate enough to have snagged an Apple TV early -- namely the WSJ, PC Mag, and The NY Times -- have already passed judgment. What do they think? Well, no one was without their niggles regarding the unit: as we know, Walt seemed bummed about the lack of photo streaming, Pogue chides Apple for not supporting HD downloads or TVs without high def inputs, and PC Mag had some problems playing iTunes video content back (although it was home video footage). The Xbox 360 receives frequent mention as the Apple TV's one true competitor right now, but the differences in the products and approaches still cause a rift, and it's hard to keep the parallels going for too long. But the one thing they can all agree on is their appreciation for the unit's simplicity, design, and ample ability to tackle digital video in the living room. (Yeah, watch out for our own Apple TV review shortly, we know you're all frothing at the mouth to learn the Engadget take.)

Read - NYT (Pogue thumbs up, way up)
Read - WSJ ("It has some notable limitations, but we really liked it. It is classic Apple: simple and elegant.")
Read - PC Mag (4/5, "I think Apple TV is a fantastic product-but I won't be buying one...")