Devil May Cry 4 trailer: slammin beat!

GameTrailers has posted a new, albeit very brief, trailer of Devil May Cry 4. It's basically just a mishmash of gameplay segments. One thing we have to point out is the game's combo system. Like many games, Devil May Cry 4 appears to employ a combat multiplier. The one shown in the video showcases different grades: D, C, B, A, and S. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't really even be worth mentioning, but each grade has a little phrase to go with it. Unfortunately, it looks like Capcom decided to pull these phrases off of a '90s era high school trapper keeper. Behold the horrifying list:

D -- "Do it!"
C -- "Come on!"
B -- "Big up!"
A -- "All that!"
S -- "Slammin beat!"

Call us critical, but these phrases seem to clash just a little with rapid fire demon slaying. At least the game looks fun, right?