Loyalists cry over Devil May Cry on Xbox 360

The internet is not a safe place to be, especially when it comes to the gaming industry. Earth-shattering announcements are made, megatons are dropped and the entire gaming community explodes and reconstitutes itself so often that the rest of the internet views it as a sort of radioactive leper who's constantly chasing after a pair of misplaced thumbs. Perhaps that's why, every now and then, we're good for a laugh.

Take this online petition, for instance. Whether it's made in jest or not doesn't really change the fact that it's absolutely hysterical. It seems a group of Devil May Cry fans are extremely upset about the game going to the Xbox 360 and PC in addition to the PS3 -- so much so that they're going to boycott Capcom and not buy either version. As the internets are fond of saying, "Oh noes!"

"We (The people that have signed this petition) feel very left out in your decision to make Devil May Cry 4 a Multi-Platform title and hereby agree to boycott your sale of Capcom affiliated games," it reads. "This is due to your decision to turn your back on your most faithful gaming company. For years we have enjoyed games, we have reaped the benefits of your committment to Sony. We find it absolutely demoralizing for not only the gamers, but also Sony itself. We want you to know that will not, and should not stand for your actions, and therefore withold our option of buying your product."

Oh dear, Capcom. Not only have you gone and left people out by making your game available to more gamers (not to be confused with fans, apparently), but you've demoralized a huge corporation! Absolutely fiendish.

[Via NeoGAF, of course]