Apple TV kinda sorta works with certain 4:3 SD TVs

Semi-good news for the folks out there short a fancy widescreen display to plug an Apple TV into: nothing's going to explode or nothing if you go ahead and hook it up to your regular old TV. The folks at Rogue Amoeba have been celebrating just such a feat, since the Apple TV seems to be running just fine at 480i on their ghetto-school 4:3 CRT via component, unfortunately, it seems their celebrations are a tad premature. They claim to have video running unsquished, but as you can see in the pic above, which compares the Rogue setup to our own, the menu at least is most definitely being squeezed to fit. The word on the street is that 4:3 TVs are fine as long as they have the proper hookups and a simulated widescreen mode, but it's pretty clear that the Apple TV itself provides no support for 4:3 viewing.

[Via El Reg]