Classmate PC now shipping "in volume"

The OLPC XO may be generating the lion's share of attention among low-cost laptops these days, but Intel's slightly less colorful Classmate PC seems to be holding its own, with the company now announcing that it's begun shipping the system "in volume" to both Brazil and Mexico. Unfortunately, Intel didn't get much more specific than that, although we do know that Intel had already committed to donating 800 of the laptops to Brazil next month, which would seem to coincide with this latest announcement. Following these two roll-outs, Intel's says it's set to begin pilot programs in more than 25 countries this year, including Chile, China, India, and Indonesia, among others. Still not clear, however, is a final word on the Classmate PC's ever-changing price, which last we heard was hovering around the not-so-cheap $400 mark.

[Via Ars Technica]