Microsoft griefers crash Sony's PS3 Europe launch

Despite a good and clean launch night, with a moderate turnout -- at least in the UK -- and free TVs galore, Sony just can't manage a full 24 hours free of lame PR. Microsoft was on the scene to make sure a few Sony feathers were ruffled, ostensibly to "welcome" the PS3 to Europe, but somehow we're guessing Sony would've rather gone without the greeting. In the UK Microsoft handed out chairs to people waiting in line, with each chair pointing to a web address for an oh-so-clever "tooLate" message from Microsoft. In Paris, where Sony had a special barge docked to act as a makeshift launch store, Microsoft drove its own "XBOX 360 [hearts] YOU" barge up and down the river (see video after the break). There are also reports of Microsoft sending SMS messages to press members about the Xbox 360 wishing them a good night, and even Microsoft employees standing on rooftops blowing whistles to drown out Sony PR. And unfortunately, even the lack of violence couldn't last forever, with a woman in Wiltshire UK being mugged outside her home last night for her PS3, though she was able to fight off the attacker and hold on to her PS3, and the weak-sauce man and his accomplice were quickly arrested. Oh well Sony, you gave it the old college try. And Microsoft: you're pretty dang clever, but couldn't you try and resist the juvenile impulse now and then? Not everyone's laughing.

[Thanks, Oliver, Mehdi M and Dan]

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