Wacky inventor running for Tokyo governor on crazy missile defense platform

With so many fringe politicians futilely trying to win office here in the US (many of whom ran for Governor of California in 2003, from adult entertainers to washed up child stars), it's nice to see that other countries are also full of nuts whose deluded senses of reality compel them to waste time and money courting voters with ridiculous campaign promises. The latest "eccentric" candidate comes to us straight out of Japan, where notorious inventor and organizer of the annual World Genius Convention, Yoshiro "Dr. NakaMats" Nakamatsu, has thrown his hat into the ring for Tokyo's upcoming gubernatorial elections. Nakamatsu, winner of an Ig Nobel prize for his curious habit of photographing every single meal he's eaten for the last 30+ years, is campaigning primarily on a platform of citywide defense, vowing to build a secretive system that can "make missiles turn around" for all those times that Tokyo comes under heavy fire. With opponents that include a long-term incumbent as well as a former governor of the city, Dr. NakaMats' electability seems on par with that of Kinky Friedman; our humble suggestion: forget the wacky missile defense and instead concentrate on protecting the poor residents of Tokyo from those habitual Godzilla and Mothra attacks.

[Via Danger Room]