Figla robot cleans up indoors and out

It looks like Japanese manufacturer Figla isn't wasting any time putting its latest cleaning robot to work, recently setting it loose on the streets of Osaka for all to see. While we can't tell if it's happy or disgruntled, the bot does talk while it's performing its duties (as seen in the video after the break), and it can apparently be controlled using a remote control or PC via WiFi when you don't want to just let it do its thing. It also appears to have learned a few more tricks than other cleaningbots, with its various parts able to be swapped out to perform different tasks, including waxing hardwood floors. While the company says the bot could be going on duty across Japan as soon as Spring 2008, it apparently won't be available to the general public, with it aimed instead at companies ready to purchase at least 1,000 of the little suckers.

[Via Shiny Shiny]