Jacket cuff lights create illumination on demand

Flashlights have certainly found their way into unusual locales, but a recent invention places light in a place that could prove handy to nearly anyone out on the town. The aptly-named jacket cuff lights add bright beams of white light to both of your sleeves, and since they're wired up in a series, you aren't apt to activate your high beams without intending to do so. Relying on ten white LEDs, a pair of small PC mounting boards, four small pushbuttons, a couple of 10-ohm resistors, a bit of cabling, rechargeable battery pack, and the usual handyman skills with a soldering iron, this project doesn't look too intense for the amateur to handle. Still, the creator has certainly made things easy on those of you who'd rather pay someone else to get things going, as you can pick up the kit of necessary items for a smooth $20 if you so choose. Alright, you know the drill, hit the read link for a detailed video demonstration.

[Via MAKE]