What's the rest of the world doing with their Apple TVs?

Ok, so you've set up your recently shipped Apple TV, you've upgraded its HDD, and you've got it to play your Xvid movies. For just a moment, why don't you take a break from continually rebooting your Apple TV just so you can see the flashy startup sequence again to spare a thought for the rest of the world and the pitiful amount of TV and movie content that their respective iTunes stores make available to them. See, whilst you may have spent the last few days loading up your collection of TV shows and movies from the last 18 months, the rest of the world has had to settle for "home movies, music, and photos", as quoted from the Apple TV's UK Apple Store product page. Professor Joshua Gans at the Melbourne Business School spotted a bunch of these little disclaimer differences on the Australian Apple website too: Apple even went through the trouble to replace all the tiny TV show / movie titles in the US promotional material with stock imagery on regional sites with no video content. Hit up the read link to see some comparisons between the Australian and US Apple TV literature, and then drop back here to tell us what exactly you've been watching on your new box.