Cingular's Treo 750, Blackjack and 8525 get WM6 treatment

We had a chance to peep an "eyes-only" presentation from AT&T with the dirty details on WM6 for current and future devices, with the newly-branded Cingular apparently poised to introduce patches for three of its hottest handsets. The word is that the Treo 750, 8525, and the Blackjack will see downloadable updates released for current owners, and that WM6 will be pre-installed on all devices launched in 2007. In a separate tip, our peeps tell us that the Blackjack update should be in Cingular's hot hands by May 26; with an expected eight week soak period for testing, this could hit by late July this year. We suppose that if the ROMs prove bulletproof, the cheering masses could theoretically get this update sooner, but until then we can only sit and wait. No word on timing for the other two devices, but we are seriously hoping that Blue has its ducks in a row and that they are on an similar schedule.