TiVo launches remote video and picture sharing

Because heaven knows we've just been pining for an easier way to see all our friends' and family members' crappy home movies, TiVo has just announced a new service that will allow users to route video content directly to other people's Now Playing lists. Created in conjunction with a company called One True Media, the unnamed feature lets anyone with a PC and broadband connection upload vids or photos to a special site, where they are then sent to a specified list of subscribers who own either a Series2 or Series3 box. Unlike YouTube or Google Video, the uploaded content is strictly controlled and not open to the public, making it less likely that your buddy will have to suffer through your nephew Timmy's school play or that little Timmy will accidentally see the bachelor party footage that got your buddy dumped. Luckily, signing up with OTM requires you to shell out some loot on the regular to keep the vids flowing -- "as little as" $4-a-month or $40-a-year -- which should keep the intra-family video spamming to a minimum. The service goes live today with a special trial offer of five free uploads, so go on, give it a whirl -- just make damn sure that you're labeling your swag and keeping salacious footage out of the wrong hands.

[Via PR Newswire]