iTunes rolls out 'Complete My Album' feature

Well it looks like the rumors are true for once -- and with so much Apple speculation floating around on the regular, pure chance would seem dictate that a few pan out every now and then -- with the company announcing the introduction of a long-awaited iTunes feature that lets customers apply credit from purchased singles to download the entire disc. Straightforwardly called 'Complete My Album' (not iComplete, thank heavens), the new feature gives users 99 cents of credit for each track off of a given record, with the reduced price showing up a special page dedicated to the service. Sounds like a good deal to us; and now if you'll excuse us, we've been waiting 10 years to find out what other great tunes are on Hanson's MMMBop album.

Update: We forgot to mention that you only have 180 days to apply credit from a given song towards the whole album -- bad news for those individuals who'll
probably space out on buying the rest of Live Phish Volume 14 until it's too late.

[Thanks, Bo]