Latest PSP firmware update includes free T-Mobile WiFi, too

So along with new video resolutions, some slight PSone tweaks, and what was no doubt a bit of homebrew-busting code, it looks like the recently released 3.30 firmware for PSP also came bearing another little gift, in the form of a six-month pass to T-Mobile's WiFi Hotspot network. To cash in this sweet little freebie, all you have to do is setup a new connection when in range of any of the Mob's 'spots, and a new icon will appear that allows you to trigger the promotional period. Now of course nothing in this world is totally free, and the real reason for this present seems to be hooking users on the service and then offering them a "special rate" at the end of the trial -- but hey, since you don't need to submit a credit card or remember to cancel anything, we don't see any reason not jump right in.