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Sony prepping an 80GB PS3, almost keeping up with the Jonses

With Sony's position as the new-gen storage king being threatened by the Xbox 360 Elite, it seems only natural that Sony would at least try and stuff a few more GB into its console. At least that's the word according to a recent FCC filing, which was required due to a change in Bluetooth module, and has seemingly spilled the beans on an 80GB version of the PS3. That's about as much as we know, and of course, there's no telling right now how Sony is going to fit this into its lineup. But either as a replacement or an addition we're sure we'll be able to find something to stick on that extra disk space, though we have a fair idea what Sony would like us to be doing with it: buying crap. We're sure Microsoft is already planning a clever "we have 120GB, neener neener" retort as we speak, but let's just hope they keep in mind the fact that it took 'em 1.5 years and a $479 SKU to get with the HDMI program.

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