Lego Batman developer hints at even more Lego titles

We imagine the office floors of UK developer, TT Games, being completely covered in developers sitting with their legs crossed and their eyes firmly fixated on their latest Lego creations. When other groups are hard at work stringing together reams of code and drawing concept sketches, these guys are building bridges, stacking blocks and crying in anguish whenever a careless passerby kicks over a wall. They're making Lego games -- and lots of them too.

The studio's head of production, Jonathan Smith, tells that the Lego tracks have been put down beyond Lego Batman (bricking multiple consoles in 2008). "We have genuinely exciting plans for future Lego titles," says Smith, noting that the positive response earned by the Lego Star Wars games is pushing his team to exceed expectations. Though the titles have been popular among the young ones, it's not unusual to spot an "adult" having a good time with familiar characters and equally familiar building blocks.

Though no other Lego-fied franchises are mentioned, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Lego Pink Panther, Lego Carmen Sandiego: Where in the World is That Damn Piece?, Lego Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Brickening and of course, Lego Lego Batman (the game based on the Lego based on the game).