Missing Sync for Blackberry out of beta

Rejoice, o ye owners of Pearls and such: Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Blackberry is out of beta and on sale today. $40 for new licenses, $20 for cross-grades from other Missing Sync editions... but wait, you say, isn't PocketMac for Blackberry free of charge now? Yes it is, and you get what you pay for. (Kidding. Much love, PocketMac.)

A couple of key features in MSfB for the road warriors among us: iTunes and iPhoto syncing for capable devices (eh), you can charge your Blackberry via your laptop's USB ports (yay!), and Notes sync now includes Yojimbo as a data source (YAY!). Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a demo download available at the moment, so I suppose you pays your money and you takes your chances.