Art Lebedev's Vilcus dactyloadapter

Since the dawn of the electricity in the home, there's been one problem universal with power outlets the world over: they're just too damned hard to electrocute yourself with. Thankfully we have visionaries like Art Lebedev to help solve these vexing problems with innovative new products like the Vilcus dactyloadapter. Simply insert fingers into the receptacles, and insert the Vilkus into the electrical outlet of your choice for a few soothing, (heart) muscle-relaxing volts1. Replaceable plugs for Euro an US slots mean you can take advantage of the grid at home or abroad, and when paired up with a Rozetkus or power splitter means circuit-breaking fun for gatherings of friends and family2.

1 What are you, stupid? Don't put your fingers in power outlets, please.
2 Product is fake. Do not use.