Why Jobs is going to London: EMI is ditching DRM

Sorry Beatles fans, tomorrow may still not be your day -- but to everyone else we've got good news. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that option number two explaining Stevie J.'s visit to London tomorrow for EMI's quickly ballyhooed presentation is going to be exactly what's been rumored about for weeks: the first of the major record labels is going to allow online sales of it's digital music... wait for it... DRM-free. It sounds like savvy consumers the world over finally pounded the message home (with a little help from Jobs himself); tomorrow could mark the first great pillar of DRM crumbling under the pressure of so many end-users and nations. The only question is whether EMI will wind up regretting this decision (we sincerely doubt it), or whether this will start a domino effect with the rest of the major labels that would, in effect, spell the end of DRM forever (one can only hope). Hey, maybe EMI will even make this a twofer and offer up The Beatles DRM-free. Now that would be somethin'.

P.S. -For those without a WSJ account -- while this may not necessarily end up being true, this is at very least not an April Fool's prank.

[Via PSFK]