Roy Block experiment redefines platform gaming

Although Nintendo's Wiimote has received loads of praise regarding its progress in innovation, gaming with controllers outside of the typical handheld pad has been happening for quite some time, and a newfangled approach to "platform gaming" does a fine job of merging hand movements with on-screen action. The aptly-named Roy Block experiment appears more like a game than a DIY endeavor, but the project utilizes a tangible interface to allow the player to help the "self-willed heroine who is trying to get from the very left to the very right of the screen without touching the bottom and dying." Your job is to maneuver wooden blocks beneath him, which are spied by a camera and translated into commands as you assist the leaper to his final destination. Eventually, we could see a rendition that looks at each side of the cube as a different function (a trampoline-inspired side, for instance), or better yet, a gigantic iteration that gives users an upper-body workout whilst trying to save the pixelated person's life. You know what's next, so click on through if you haven't already and take a peek at the game in progress.

[Via Joystiq]