Devil May Cry 4 scans hit PSM

The subject line says it all -- the next PSM features Devil May Cry 4 and we've got fifteen scans of the story! Instead of linking to all... fifteen... pictures... we're going to give you this one link and tell you how to access the rest. Are you ready to be the most basic of web manipulators?! Let's go! All you gotta do is change the part of the link that says "img001" to "img002" all the way to "img015". Ta-da! Enjoy those.

What you'll see are some neato pictures, some explanations of the moves you can get the main character to do (there appear to be plenty!), an interview with one of the creative minds behind the game (Hiroyuki Kobayashi), and... okay, mostly the interview. It's interesting to read, but I started to get a headache from straining my eyes so I stopped halfway through. But seriously... this Dante looks like a white-haired Viggo Mortensen. Don't even argue! It's the truth.

[Thanks Cagalli and an extended thanks to VegasJoe!]