PLEN robot ready to skate into your life

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PLEN robot ready to skate into your life
If you've been admiring PLEN's skateboarding and rollerskating skills from afar, you're now only a massive credit card bill away from having one school you up close, with at least one store now stocking the pint-sized bot. Snagging it from AudioCubes will set you back a hefty $2,399, which we hope would also include his trusty skateboard, although the product description doesn't state as such. Sure, it's a little exorbitant, but we're guessing that at least some of you will think it's worth it, even if just to see the look on your Robosapien's face when it skates out of the box. Better not take too long to decide though, as the company's apparently only making 50 of 'em to start with in order to judge interest.

[Via I4U News].
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